lpLouis Podesta is best known as the founder of SPX Studios and also serves as the co-founder of Royal Scribe Media, creator of the eGo Platform.

For over 10 years, Louis has led SPX Studios, a New York advertising agency, which under his leadership has grown from a small interactive boutique to a full service advertising agency specializing in interactive, creative, media buying and planning, public relations and production.

When actor/author Stephen Baldwin wanted to launch his official interactive presence, Louis spearheaded the project. Lou and SPX also did the same for Stephen’s brother Billy. To add to his credit, Lou helped in the promotion of Stephen Baldwin’s published book “The Unusual Suspect” with dozens of ad’s seen throughout Times Square in New York.

Lou also spearheaded the campaign and development of actor Chazz Palminteri’s official interactive presence, his social media presence and assisted with the launch of his book “A Bronx Tale: The Original One Man Show” with several retailers.

Lou was also responsible for the campaign behind MS Patients for Choice, a grassroots movement by patients and advocates in developing an interactive community for people behind the drug Tysabri, a breakthrough drug for Multiple Scleroses (MS). This project facilitated communication to both the public and the FDA Advisory Committees and thousands of patients in the U.S. The interactive presence was instrumental in organizing patients and advocates, providing a voice to be heard and helped communicate issues. The result was a large contingency of patients and advocates zeroed in on the FDA advisory committee meeting. Over the years, the group and web site have also been featured in various national newspapers and news outlets including the Washington Post, CNBC and CNN to mention a few.

In addition to his role at SPX Studios, he has had the privilege to co-found two ministries for counseling and youth outreach. He’s also served on the Executive Council Board of “The Friends of Schneider Children’s Hospital,” an independent organization of business professionals who work together to organize the “Annual Sport’s Day” event on Long Island.

In his spare time, Lou enjoys art, photography, reading, and fine dining. He has a passion for self development, helping others to define their goals and go after their dreams. Lou was awarded a Bachelors in Fine Arts from Briarcliffe College where he was recognized for being the first person to receive maximum life experience credits in the history of the college.

He currently resides in New York and is engaged to the love of his life.